ShooAway Table Fan Keeps Flies Away

Keep flies off your food with ShooAway

What is ShooAway?

ShooAway is the great Aussie invention table fan that keeps flies off your food, it’s 100% chemical-free and guaranteed to work! ShooAway can be used in a multitude of dining and food preparation situations. Here’s just a few to give you an idea of how it works and of its versatility.

The simple features that make ShooAway simply great

ShooAway features soft, safe propellor blades for easy access to food while it’s in operation - simply interrupt the blades with your hand and they’ll start up again once you remove it. Unique holographmatic repel dots - the reflective dots that create the movement flies hate. ShooAway is powered by 2 AA batteries - long-life, simple, easy. And ShooAway is 100% chemical-free and guaranteed to work!

It’s a simple question, and now it has a simple answer! How are you going to effortlessly and efficiently keep flies off your food? The answer is: you can’t - unless you’ve got a ShooAway!

Regardless of the setting - be it a BBQ, a catered event, a kids’ party, or just relaxing with nibbles and a drink - ShooAway is the perfect companion.

So why not fly in the face of those cumbersome and ineffective methods we’ve all had to put up with for years - get a ShooAway, today, and enjoy fly-free dining forever!