Return & Exchange Policy

Return and Exchange policy:                                                                                Updated: 14-4-2020



Customer service is our top priority, and if the customer does not want the goods after receiving them, he/she is entitled to return these goods to us, according to the following:

  • The client has a period 5 business days from the date of receipt of the goods to apply for return.
  • The model number and the serial number of the goods to be returned must match with the purchase invoice issued by us. Returns will be rejected if the product number and serial number do not match, and in the case of refusal, the customer will be required to pay the shipping fees from the customer to us.
  • We cannot accept the return any goods that have been opened or used. The returned goods must be in the same condition when purchased and packaged in their original cover.
  • The shipping service for the purpose of return is free to the customer and we bear the cost of shipping from customer to us, only within Saudi Arabia. While if this return shipment is from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then the customer will bear the shipping costs from him/her to us.
  • If goods are proven to have a manufacturers defect leading to their failure to operate fully or partially. We will inspect the items immediately upon receipt from the customer, and we will issue a report to the customer with our findings. And the customer will be notified in case of acceptance or rejection of his/her purchase return. In this case, the customer must return all accessories and attachments to us along with the initial return shipment, otherwise the return will not be accepted.
  • If the return is accepted by us, the shipment value upon purchase of the goods by the customer cannot be refunded, unless there is a manufacturer defect in the goods sold to the customer, as stated the previous point.
  • If we commit a mistake in the customer’s order, we will bear all return fees, but this is after communicating and coordinating with the client. In case the client acts on his/her own and proceeds to ship the goods back to us without coordinating with us, and paying the shipping amount without coordinating with us, he/she bears these shipping costs and is not entitled to claim these shipping fees from us.

We will issue a refund to the customer after receiving and inspecting the returned goods, only if the return process has been accepted by us in accordance with the above conditions.

From our side, once the items are returned from the customer and received by us, we require 5 business days to inspect these returned items and issue a report for the client stating whether we accept or refuse his/her return request.


At the moment, the customer cannot replace or exchange any of the items he/she have purchased from us. However, the customer is entitled to return the goods and receive full refund in accordance with the conditions stated in our return policy.